The Unioil EV Drive: Driving to a Sustainable Future

Last November 6, 2021, Unioil supported the global initiative to a greener future! The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging station at Unioil Congressional Ave. and Unioil EDSA Guadalupe was part of the first eco-run for electric vehicle, headed by the Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines (EVAP), and participated by the Department of Energy (DOE), along with its partners.

Unioil EDSA Guadalupe was the first stop of the eco-run. The charging station can accommodate electric vehicles with CCS2, CHAdeMO, and Type 2 plugs. 

Unioil EDSA Guadalupe Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The EV Drive: Unioil EDSA Guadalupe

On the other hand, Unioil Congressional has a Delta AC Mini Plus Charger that supports electric vehicles with Type 2 plug. The charger is powered by Smartflower, a device that dynamically tracks the sun and provides power through solar energy - greatly reducing carbon footprint by 4.7 metric tons annually or equivalent to planting approximately 5,000 trees.

Unioil Congressional - Smartflower

Left: Unioil Congressional Delta AC Mini Plus EV Charger, Right: The EV Drive

Aside from pioneering with the country’s cleanest range of fuels, Unioil spearheaded in installing EV charger outlets in gas stations. It was 2017 when Unioil installed its first EV charging unit at Unioil Congressional Ave., followed by another one at Unioil EDSA Guadalupe. Unioil is eyeing to energize several more EV chargers the coming years.

For the past years, Unioil has not only been delivering cleaner fuels but also striving to contribute a positive effect on the global environment – for a sustainable future.